Mastering Your Med Kit


Mastering Your Med Kit


Mastering your Med-Kit

How to build and use an Emergency Medical Kit

Featuring Dr. David Pruett (USNERDOC/KF7ETX)


Here's A Small Taste Of What You'll Discover On This Professionally Shot DVD:

  • How to treat traumatic wounds to arms and legs...even if one of your arms is injured and you're forced to treat yourself with one hand.
  • How to stop serious bleeding FAST... without accidentally causing nerve damage with dressing that's too tight!
  • The 7 tools to have on hand while treating open wounds... that drastically reduce the risk of infection. (Especially in grid-down scenarios where cleanliness is compromised!)
  • 3 ways to stabilize a fractured wrist or arm.
  • The different types of bandages that work best on specific wounds. (Because the same bandage you'd want to apply to something like a shallow knife wound is DIFFERENT from the bandage you should use to treat a burn. Or the foot blister that looks like it might get infected.)
  • How to properly "irrigate" (i.e. clean) a potentially infectious puncture wound before you bandage it. And the tools that make it easy.
  • The wrong way to splint broken fingers.
  • Tricks for getting bandages to stay on your skin for up to 72 hours. (And the best bandages that WON'T stick to open wounds.)
  • The 9 threats every SHTF medical kit should be able to treat. Plus - the best tools that'll hold up in rough and dirty conditions.

...And that's just a fraction of what Dr. Pruett will teach you in this DVD.

You'll also be walked through...

The 9 Categories of Medical Emergencies

And The Must-Have Supplies You Need To Stockpile Now - So You're Prepared To Treat Each One!


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