What's Your Plan?


What would your plan be if this were to happen where you live? http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/01/13/ballistic-missile-false-alarm-terrorizes-hawaiians/

Do you have your 100 Essentials ready to go? Do you have a plan on dealing with Radiation? Here is what we have. iOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets, 130 mg (14 Tablets) available through Amazon. 

We also have three 1950 Radiation Detectors similar to these. Just found two about a year ago at an Antique Store for $40 ea. 


This is a different world that we are living in and anything can happen at anytime, it's a matter of how you handle the situation.

Be safe and be prepared!

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Happy New Year!

Wow! 2018 is already here, where did 2017 go? So many important events happened in the past year so let’s reflect on just a few....

America elected a new President, Donald J. Trump! Some of you may be angry about this but personally, he will take our Country back in the direction that our Founders set forth for our Nation. Hopefully, everyone has more $$ in their pockets in 2018 and less in the Governments.

The Natural Disasters that hit our country and Puerto Rico were so devastating, the many are still trying to put their lives back together. A good friend of ours Todd Albi (Silverfire Stoves) was in Puerto Rico and here are a few images from his trip. https://www.silverfire.us/home

Isabella: Takes care of her infirm father, 5' of ocean water ran through home destroying all. Water boiling in wok.

Isabella: Takes care of her infirm father, 5' of ocean water ran through home destroying all.

Water boiling in wok.

fridge street.jpg
She's proudly lighting her new stove!  This is her kitchen, her former gas stove ruined in flood and Hurricane surge.  Over 100 days with no power.

She's proudly lighting her new stove!  This is her kitchen, her former gas stove ruined in flood and Hurricane surge.  Over 100 days with no power.

Looking forward to cooking and surrounded with free fuel in yard from storm.  Why buy fuel?

Looking forward to cooking and surrounded with free fuel in yard from storm.  Why buy fuel?

Cement power pole in 1/2 from 175 mph wind, commercial roofs gone.

Cement power pole in 1/2 from 175 mph wind, commercial roofs gone.

Our Government needs to help these people and we are but we have to do more. They are estimating that it will be 8 months before power is fully restored. What would your plan be?? How do you get through something like this? We all must think about that and get provisions in place to help our family and our neighbors. No one can do this alone....

Over the past year 2017, I blogged about my 100 Essentials  https://www.amp-3.net/resources/  

I hope that you followed along. Amp-3 's biggest mission is education for all of you out there. Getting prepared for whatever might come our way is our goal and our duty. We love what we do and the people that we get to meet make this very satisfying and rewarding. If you missed any of the past Blog posts, please scroll down and there they are!

Some of you may be struggling right now or maybe loss of love one over the past year. Please remember that your never alone. Reach out and ask for help to a friend, relative, or pastor. They are there for you and always will be. 

The year 0f 2017 will be in our memory banks for a very long time with good memories, sad memories and some bad memories but together we can make it through anything.

Hopefully, all of you have had gains in your Retirement Accounts and 401K's with the surge in the Stock Market over the past year as well. This only means you need to be diversified in your investments. 

This brings up the need to have Gold, Silver and extra $$ on hand in case of emergency. I suggest that you have a minimum of $100 per person in small bills $1, $5 and $10. The more you have the better your situation if something were to happen to our power grid. Power Outages can be for a few minutes or months like in Puerto Rico. You justnever know...

For the Ranch, this past summer we purchased a Woodsman 505 wood boiler on Craigslist. Installing one of these will save us a lot of $$$.


David, Steve (My Brother) and I, went to pick this up and needed a little help. Watch this video!

Super excited to have this installed to heat the new home and barn. The projects never seem to end when your developing a Ranch. David would love to have one of the Skid Steers but at $72,000 it's not even on the list of my 100 Essentials...

I know that I have mentioned it before but one to the BEST investments that we have ever made was our Camp. Mike and Weston Wheeler, the builders of our Camp are working on opening a NEW Facility in Mt. Pleasant, UT and will be building Camps once again. 

Interested in a Range Camp like Camp #216? Call (435) 262-0601 and ask for Mike Wheeler


This Camp it totally off GRID and it's perfect for the Ranch but it's our Travel Trailer as well. This past year we went to Yosemite National Park and stayed in our Camp outside the park in Oakhurst. We loved driving though the Gold Country once again and antiquing along the way. Very Hard to find a place to park Red and the Camp though on this Winding & Narrow Road. Would have loved to stop at a few more shops but just not possible. 

Fall brings may leaves to the Ranch so clean up is pretty consistent. Nothing is better then the smell of burning wood and leaves, which we have an abundance of. There really is something peaceful about standing over a fire, watching it burn and adding more to the pile as it burns down. 

Before Winter turns to Spring, Summer to Fall, and the holidays once again come speeding around the corner, let’s all take a moment to consider the months ahead. Time has a way of marching ever onward and it’s up to all of us to get the most from those precious moments, whether you’re working a hundred head of cattle or simply need to pick up pellets for your wood stove. We believe it’s not what we say, but what we do that matters most. 

This has been a busy year for us and were already gearing up for 2018. In the year ahead, I will be adding several guest bloggers to my weekly blog. Are you interested in adding information to my Blog? Do you have something your passionate about to help my readers with their preparedness? Then I hope to hear from you! Send me a message on my Blog and I will get in touch with you. This isn't about one person but a network of people who want to reach as many as possible and get prepared. 

That’s why you’ll find us here, enjoying the ride and working hard to make 2018 a year to remember. Let me know what you think and if your wanting your name added as a contributor. 

Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year and May 2018 be the best year yet! Looking forward to hearing from you!!

It Took A Year!

Well, my list of 100 Essentials, is coming ot an end but it's really the beginning! Were moving on to Item #95 (Olives, Green Chilies and Canned Vegetables including Mushrooms). These items are need to spice up your receipe's. Stock up and have plenty on hand. Olives are great in bread too! Yum...

Item #96 consists of Mustard, Ketchup, Taco Seasoning, Bread Crumbs and all other spices. These items I get at my favorite store (Cash & Carry) or Cash and Grab as my brother calls it! This is a food service store open to the public and I am sure you have something like this store where you live. It's affordable and convenient for everyday shopping. Like Costco or Sams Club but better!

Well, item #97 is one of my favorites for sure! Cookbooks on Food Storage, Canning, Gardening, you name it! Heading to Goodwill later today and I will be checking out the books there for sure! Yard Sales, Estate Sales, Salvation Army or Goodwill are great places to pick up some extra books.

Item #98 Canned Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Nutmeg. Once again, Cash and Carry or a similar store will be the place to stock up on these items. This is the time of the year to find them, so why not stock up!

Well, our good friend's Ben & Heidi Gilmore own a company called Tech Protect Mylar Bags. Great for your electronics and many more uses. Watch this video!

Remember, you want to have Food Grade for your Food as well as a Heat Sealer to seal them. This is the one that we have. Works great and we have used it a lot over the years.

Well, here's Item #100!!! CASH $$$ remember small bills $10 and less. A minimum of $100 per person in your family. More is always better because you never know when you might need it. Silver and Gold are also important to have on hand.

Thank you for reading along, even though I received only a few comments, I hope that this helped! 

Merry Christmas!!!


December Is Here!

This time of the year seems to go by so fast! With shopping, decorating, cooking, family, friends and parties!. Where does the time go? Well, here are a few tips to keep all of this is perspective. 

Head out early in the morning to get your shopping done, easier parking, less crowds and the deals will still be there. This year, I shopped at the mall on Cyber Monday. The Mall was empty and I really enjoyed the process of picking out jus the right gift for my family and friends. This week should be about the same, it you can get to the stores early.

Shopping online has never been easier but be careful! Only use a Credit Card when shopping online as Debit Cards are not a secure. Order early so that you ensure you will receive your orders in a timely manner. 

If you have packages to ship out of town, I usually shop for them first and get them in the mail weigh away. This morning, I actually shipped all of my out of town packages. Feels great to have them off my list... Remember the later you ship your packages, the more it costs to get them for Christmas.

Can't think of gifts this year, give the gift from my 100 Essentials List and start your family and friends on Preparedness. Just a thought!

The Christmas season is all about spending time with family and friends. This year, I will be baking some Christmas Cookies and I will share some of my favorites. Here are two from last Christmas! Yum...


Christmas is such a special time of the year if you can plan ahead, take each day as it comes and enjoy the process. We getting excited to have time to spend with our family, friends and we hope that you do too!


Wow! This Year Is Going By So Fast...

With Thanksgiving,  all ready come and gone, Christmas is on its way and I am on to items # 90 to 94. 

#90 is really easy, Chewing Gum, Mint and Hard Candy! Choose your favorites and stock up on them. Personally, I love Lemon Hard Candy, so I have that on hand all the time. I also love Jolly Ranchers!! What about Salt Water Taffy? Whatever your favorite, stock up so you always have it on hand. 

Item #91 Powered Eggs! We love OvaEasy Eggs. Just delicious however you want to use them. We have stocked up on these for the past 5 years and my kids love them. Easy to use and affordable enough to keep on hand. 

Have you ever heard of sun-dried tomatoes? We decided to take a hint from Mother Nature and copy her at her best. We've discovered a way to use the same principles that go into making sun-dried fruits and apply it to one of Mother Nature's most amazing foods...egg!

OvaEasy crystal freeze-drying process is special because it works at low-temperature and doesn't damage the flavor or functionality of the eggs. We start with wholesome fresh eggs and gently evaporate the water, leaving only little crystals of pure egg. That's why we call them Egg Crystals! When you go to cook our Egg Crystals later, they taste just like fresh eggs! Order yours today (Click On the Photo)


Item #92 Pasta, Pasta Sauce & Pizza Sauce are staples for any home. So add these items to your preparedness and make sure that you rotate you stock. Use the oldest date first. 

#93 Dried Fruit, Dried Beans and Dried Vegetables are essentials to have on hand for rounding out your pantry. Having a variety of foods will keep your family well fed and healthy. 

Once again, I will bring up the Harvest Right Food Freeze Drier. This is a huge expense but in the long run, you will be able to have the foods items that your family loves when and if times get tough. Click on image to order yours!

Well, with Christmas just around the corner, I hope that I have given you a list of 100 Essentials to add to your preparedness! May the Blessings of Christmas be with you always. Remember the reason for the season is Jesus Christ the King of Kings....

100 Essentials #87 and #88

Well, were almost done with our list of 100 Essentials. Item #87 Stay Alert Gum

Gum 5 times faster than coffee

Each piece of military caffeine gum contains 100 mg of caffeine, which is about the amount found in a six-ounce cup of coffee.

“Because it’s chewed, it delivers caffeine to the body four to five times faster than a liquid or pill because it’s absorbed through tissues in the mouth — not the gut, like in traditional formulations,” Dr. Kamimori, a behavioral Army researcher, said.

A sleep researcher, he learned of the idea of delivering caffeine through gum in 1998. Congress funded the first study on the gum a year later.

When the study validated how fast the caffeine was absorbed in the body, the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command began developing and testing military caffeine gum for use in sustained or continuous military operations when Soldiers typically don’t get enough sleep. To order (Click Image)

Item #88 Hats, Bandanas, Neckerchiefs ( Your Probably already have these) If not, any great Farm and Ranch Store will have these. We prefer Coastal Farm and Ranch but what ever you find will be great to have on hand.

#89 Goats, Rabbits, Quail Chickens (Cages, Food, Water Containers) I was just at Coastal earlier today and they had several different Rabbits. My father would slaughter one every Saturday and that's what we had for dinner. Easy to skin and better then Chicken in my opinion. 

Now Goats, Check out the link below and choose the best one for you. I have a friend who raises and sells Boer Goats and is doing really well breeding and selling. Great way to earn a little extra cash for your Farm or Ranch.

Now, I have several friends that are raising Quail for meat and eggs to produce more. Here is a great article about Raising Quail. (Click On the Photo)

There is so much information on raising chickens but here are a few of my favorite rescourses. (Click on the photo for the Link) 

You will soon understand the value of growing your own food! Enjoy the process, eat well and your family will love you for it.



100 Essentials #81 to #86

This week kind of ties into last week, so here we go with with item #81  GardenGloves, WorkGloves & Warm Gloves. Garden and Work Gloves for Spring, Summer and Fall and Warmer Gloves for Winter. Stay warm and free of blisters is always my goal and my need for gloves. Most of you already have these in your homes but if not we love the local farm and ranch stores. Can we say Coastal Farm and Ranch!

Item #82 Lantern Hangers. These items just make seeing at night a whole lot easier. Also great to play cards by in the evening with some hot chocolate!

Moving onto # 83 Screen Patch Kits, Glue, Screws, Nuts and Bolts are the next item on our list. Buy in bulk and save when you can. We recently went to a garage sale, at a home where the man had lived for 80 years.

He had everything in while plastic jugs. We purchased a lot of these items there. Look for Garage Sales, Estate Sales, Barn Sales and Hardware Store Sales. Don't wait until you need these items. If your always looking your will find what you need.

Watch this video and learn how to repair a Screen Door or Window.

Item #84 Screwdrivers, Hammer, Wrenches, and General House Tools. Once again, I love Made in America when it comes to tools. The older the better, so i look at Antique Stores, Estate Sales, Garage Sales, ect. Lately, I have been collecting old Ford Tools, I love anything Ford so the hunt is on...


Now this next item is a must for everyone who prepares. #85 Cigarettes, Cigars, Lighter, Paper Book Matches (Getting Harder to Find). Now we don't smoke (anything) but we have these in our preps to use for bartering. Some folks just can't do with out and will gladly barter to get them. We have a few cartons on hand just in case. 



#86 is another bartering item to have on hand. Wine and Liquor. Purchase the travel size and stock up. These will be great to have on hand and enjoy a couple if you choose. Love these stored in Mason Jars. Great idea!


Hopefully, I have given you a few more ideas on items to add to your preps. Stay tuned as were winding down my list of 100 Essentials. Let me know what you think and items that you have so I can add them to mine. See you next week! 

100 Essentials #76 to #80

This week we start with #76 (Roll On Window Installation Kits) Save $$ with reducing escape of heat or cooling through your windows with this inexpensive window treatment. You can do this! 

Item #77 (Graham Crackers, Saltines, Pretzels, Trail Mix, & Beef Jerky) These are great for the kids and I love them too. Stock up  and place in heavy plastic containers to help prevent rodents from getting in. 


Here is a tip on keeping Saltine Crackers fresh:

Stay Fresh

If pantry pests, such as weevils, aren't an issue, you can store crackers in their original sealed packaging. Store crackers in an airtight bag, or glass or plastic container after opening the package; glass containers work best for keeping pests out of your crackers. You can store sealed crackers for up to eight months in a dark, cool pantry, but they retain their maximum freshness for only about one month after opening.

Refresh Stored Crackers

Heat can refresh crackers that lose their crispness but have no other signs of spoilage, such as mold or an off odor. Spread the crackers out in a single layer on a cookie sheet and bake them in a 425-degree Fahrenheit oven for two to four minutes, or until they become crisp again. Store refreshed crackers in a sealed container.

Item #78 (Popcorn, Peanut Butter, Nuts, Jam and Jelly) We love all of these! Grab a large whole wheat tortilla, spread on Peanut Butter, add Banana and yum!!! Nuts, well we love them to. Always have about 10 cans on had at all times. You can never have enough nuts! Healthy and filling for you and your family. Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds and more. Make sure you have enough to last when you need them.


Item #79 Lumber. You will need this to repair buildings or make items that your family will need. Best to stock up when on sale or if someone is moving and doesn't want to take it with them. All sizes and all types as you never really know what you might need or when you will be needing it.

Item #80 Wagons, Wheelbarrows & Carts (For Transportation and Work). These are necessary items and can be picked up anytime you see them. We look at Estate Sales, End of Season Sales, pretty much if we find them at a good price then we will pick them up. Extra parts for these items are also great to have extra of. You never know when something is going to break down. 

Sorry about the delay in getting this post done. To many projects and not enough time. As always, let me know your thoughts and how your doing on getting your 100 Essentials list completed.


Wow! What a week...

This past week has been nothing more than interesting and frustrating at the same time. We just moved into our new home in the Portland area and we were suppose to close on 8/18, then 8/25 and finally closed on 9/7. We have had no internet but still able to look at Amp-3 orders on my phone and computer by using my Verizon Hot Spot. Can't print and email was spotty.

We have had several orders online and a couple phoned in. Needless to say, were a bit backed up. All orders should be shipped by Friday, September 15th. Several of our items come from Texas and that has also added to the delay. When it rains, it pours but God never puts more on your plate then you can handle.

If you waiting for an order, look for the tracking information by the end of the week. Thank you for your orders and your patience!!! 

Another new product for Amp-3!!!


Praying for Texas and Louisiana!!! 100 Essentials #66 to #70

Hope that you feel your getting some valuable information by following along. This week were on to Item #66 to #70.

Item #66 Board Games, Horseshoes, Cornhole, Dice, Playing Cards are just a few of our favorites. Check out your local Goodwill, Antique Store or make your own. These will help you pass the time while having fun with your family. Recently we were in Denver at the Brewery and played Corn Hole for over 2 hrs. Had a Blast!!! We're definitely making a few sets of these to have down at the ranch. 

#67 on my list os 100 Essentials are items to control pests. D-Con Rat Poison, Roach Killer, Wasp Spray, Mouse Traps, Ant Traps and so on. While we have been down at the ranch a lot this summer working on our barn, the yellow jackets, wasps and hornet nest are a consistent on the rafters of the barn. Here is the best solution that I have found to date. These babies work great and you can refill them easily, You Gone!!!

Item #68 Paper Plates, Napkins, Paper Towels, Plastic Cups and Plastic Utensils are easy and affordable to stock up on at your local Costco or other big box store. Clorex Wipes are also needed items to buy when ever you sell them. Stock up and Save!!!

Onto Item #69 Baby Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Antibacterial Soap are items need to keep you and your family clean. Do you know that the #1 issue for most folks will be hygiene and keeping clean. Wash your hands and keep the bacteria away as much as you can. This is going to be vital in staying alive. Look at Costco, The Dollar Store, Big Lots and so many of the big box stores will have what your looking for. Don't wait stock up today!

Item #70 Rain Boots, Waterproof Jackets, Waterproof Hats and Gloves. Items to keep you dry and  warm. Looking at the Devastation in Houston, TX I see so many folks walking around with out shoes and coats. This is a good way to cut your feet and get bacteria in those cuts. We are heartbroken about what is happening on the Texas Border and we are praying for the thousands of American's that have lost everything. 

We will be donating to Samaritans Purse, will you join us???

Click on this image if you wish to donate to help the victims of this historical disaster!

Click on this image if you wish to donate to help the victims of this historical disaster!

Here we go-100 Essentials #61 to #65!

First, are you following along??? Let me know if you are and how this is helping you be better Prepared! Leave me a comment...

Ok, well I am moving on the #61! Knives & Sharpening Tools (Files, Stones, Steel and Honing Oil) If you were to ask my brother Steve or David, my husband, you can never have enough knives. Here are just a few of my favorites!

BenchMade Knives! Why you might ask... Made in Oregon and simply one of the best knives made. I carry everyday the Griptillian®. When it comes to all around functionality, you can't beat it. There are more shapes, sizes and colors available in the Griptillian than any other product family from BenchMade. This is part of my Everyday Carry. This is with me 100% of the time...

Everyone has their favorite knife, this just happens to be mine. At the Sportsman Show here is Portland, OR a few years back, BenchMade was offering FREE engraving on any BenchMade Knife and I of course took advantage of that. 

Needless to say, I was really glad to have this back... Thank you Matthew! 

A sharp knife is safer than a dull one. It’s a lot less likely to slip off the potato you’re chopping and slice your finger instead. We will help you to get the Best Knife Sharpener for your home or professional use to make your knife sharp and well maintained.

There are three things you can use to make a knife “sharp”; sharpen using a Stone, Hone or Strop. Stone Sharpening is the process of actively removing material from the blade, creating a brand new razor-sharp beveled edge. Honing is realigning the edge of the blade; stropping is fine sharpening the blade with a leather material without removing any metal material thereby producing a very sharp edge. Stropping maximizes the amount of contact the edge has with the object being cut. The three are done for durability and precision, but to most knife users one substitutes all the rest summing it as Knife Sharpening systems. Here are a few of my favorites:

For electric knife sharpening, I use the Chef's Choice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener. 

Now remember, where you choose to purchase your Preparedness items is up to you, I only give you options. You can purchase this sharpener at any good Kitchen store as well. Now on to Stones, Steel and Honing Oil. Every good Kitchen Knife Set comes with a Knife Sharpening Steel, I use mine from that set but here is another one you might think about.

Stock up on Honing Oil and Stones as well. Here are a few to choose from!

I am sure that you can get some of these items at your local Sporting Goods Store as well! Sportsman Warehouse, Cabela's or Bass Pro as well.

Item #62 on our list is something that we need to stock up on. We have our Bikes but they need to be tuned up and we have to make sure that we have in stock any spare parts that we might need. Tires, Tire Pump, Tubes, Brakes, and extra Chains are just a few. David has enough tools to fill an entire garage so that won't be a problem. We so many Bike Stores, you can choose the one that is closest to you and stock up. We love REI and take our Bikes there for the annual service. The time is now Pruett's get on it....

#63 is one of David's favorite tools. In 1985 I purchased a Stihl 032 AV chainsaw for about $500 and that has been a work horse. In the shop a few times, the latest to Webb's Farm Supplies about 3 months ago as it had been to a couple of other repair shops and they could do anything due to the age of the saw. Webb's fixed it and it's running like new. Webb's has been in business for over 100 years in the same location!

Not sure when were going to have to replace this old saw, but you can bet, were heading to Webb's to purchase the next one too. Stock up on all of the supplies needed for your saws like extra chains (David has 6 for this saw) Oil, Gas and Spark Plugs. You can never have enough and you won't be going to the store right away if you plan ahead!

Item #64 Sleeping Bags, Cots, Pads, Pillows, and extra Blankets! Have you tried "My Pillow" as of yet! We did and now we have about 20 of them! In the Camp we have six, we just purchased two small travel pillows at Costco before we headed to Denver. Each bedroom has at least four and if I have a little extra $$ and I am out and see them, I will pick up a few more.

Sleeping bags, we have about eight sleeping bags, four cots and six sleeping pads. When were down at the ranch, my brother Steve prefers to sleep in the barn on a cot with his sleeping bag. I do send these to the cleaners about every 6 months so they stay clean. You have to plan ahead so your never caught of guard.

Do your research and get the best bags that you can as you never know when you might be sleeping in them.

#65 Carbon Monoxide Alarms and extra batteries. These are available at any local home store.

Carbon monoxide (CO) has been called the "silent" and "invisible killer" because it's a scentless, colorless, and tasteless toxic gas. It's the number one cause of deathdue to poisoning in America. Any time you burn something—like gasoline, natural gas, wood, oil, propane, or charcoal—carbon monoxide is released into the air. In outdoor spaces, this usually isn't a health hazard because there is enough area to dissipate and particles never amount to a toxic level. The danger comes when carbon monoxide is released in a contained area like your home, RV, or garage.

You won't know from taste, smell, or sight that carbon monoxide is poisoning you, but your body will. If you have carbon monoxide poisoning, you may feel dizzy, become nauseous or throw up, develop a headache, get confused, and/or pass out.

Carbon monoxide detectors are a lot like smoke detectors, but instead of looking for signs of fire, they detect levels of carbon monoxide. Depending on the brand, detectors operate in one of three ways: with a biomimetic sensor, metal oxide semiconductor, or electrochemical sensor.

Biometric sensors use gels that change color after absorbing a certain amount of carbon monoxide. Metal oxide semiconductors have silica chips that send electrical signals to trigger an alarm. Electrochemical sensors are considered to be the best in the industry. They use chemical solutions and electrodes that release currents to sound an alarm.

You'll want to install carbon monoxide detectors like smoke detectors—on every level of your home. For areas with more carbon monoxide producing appliances, like your kitchen, garage, and basement, you should install multiple detectors.



We have and prefer the battery operated ones over the hardwired ones. No home should be without these!


A few new items!

Thank you so much for following along with my Blog! It's been really fun for me to share my 100 Essentials and then some. Here are a few new items to add, thank you for the phone call Mark and your question. Mark is a patriot first and in a wheelchair second. He call with one very simple question, so I thought about it and think that Mark might not be the only one with this problem.

As you might imagine, Mark is on some medications that he needs to keep with him all of the time. From time to time, they drop out of his pocket and then runs over them with his wheelchair. Huge problem! So I suggested that he get a few old 35mm film cans that have the screw top lids to store him meds in. Here is what I found!

Here are some with different sizes! Look how pretty!! HaHaHa

So many uses for these small containers! I might be buying a few for us for future uses too! Thank you Mark for the phone call and hope that this helps with what you might be looking for!