Every Day Carry: The Essential EDC Triad!

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Every Day Carry: The Essential EDC Triad

Every Day Carry (EDC) is your primary layer of daily preparedness. In this blog post I would like to present what I consider “The Essential EDC Triad”. Stop for a moment and think about what you have with you in your pockets every day. Not what is in your purse, briefcase, shoulder bag, messenger bag, vehicle or desk at work. Those are your secondary and tertiary layers of preparedness that will be covered in future blog posts. So, be honest and take a quick survey of what is in your pockets at this very moment.

The Essential EDC Triad consists of a good sturdy pocket knife, a small LED pocket light, and a sturdy belt. For these tools to be truly helpful in a time of need, they need to be with you all the time. That is why a small pocket knife and AAA pocket light with carry clips are recommended.

The Essential EDC Triad Enhanced adds RFID protection for your credit cards and smart ID cards. The proliferation of portable scanners being used by criminals today means you need be proactive and protect your accounts, passport and personal identity.

Brand is not as important as selecting tools that you can depend on and are convenient to carry. Pick tools that will fit your budget and are comfortable in hand. Then, make sure they are with you every day! In future blog posts we will discuss additional layers to your daily preparedness. It is best to think of your preparedness as overlapping layers that provide a robust and integrated level of preparedness to keep you and your family safe in a time of need.

Prepare Now to BE PREPARED!

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