Winter is here! Are you ready?

Winter is here! The last few days in the Pacific NW have seen torrential rain and howling wind punctuated by periodic loss of power. How many of you are prepared? This week is a good time to start working on your preparedness by putting away some items that will always be helpful, especially during the next weather event. These items are fairly inexpensive and can easily picked up on your next shopping trip. Perhaps consider repeating this purchase several times over the course of a year until you have built up an adequate supply.

Oil Lamps

Lamp Oil

Replacement Wicks

Beeswax Taper Candles

Basic Candle Holders

Jar Candles

Wooden Strike Anywhere Matches

Bic Lighters

Batteries: AAA / AA / C / D / 9-volt

Remember always use caution with lamps, candles and matches. It is wise to have a fire extinguisher nearby, but that is the gist of a future blog post!

Be safe!

The AMP-3 Crew