Preparedness is for Everyday!

David and I have been preparing for many years. We have this company to help you get better prepared for whatever might come your way. We look forward to your input as we continue to build on what we have started over 5 years ago. With Amp-3 it has given us a venue to provide quality products that we produce and companies that we support that we personally have and use.

You never know what be around the corner in our lives so here are a few steps to take to help you get focused and ready. Here are a few of my favorite websites to check out:

1. A great website with many aspects to it is Survivalist Boards. This forum discussion has so many pages for you to check out from General Discussion, Off Grid, Urban Survival, Food and Water and so on. This is a vast amount of information and a great website to join and follow.



2. Off Grid Boot Camp presented by Nick Meissner. David has taken this and thought that it was the most informative, comprehensive and money well spent.


3. Amp-3 Recourses page is another place to get your 100 Essentials. Download the document, cross off what you already have and that helps you narrow your list down to what you need to work on. We all live on a budget but if you commit to adding to your preparedness every month you will have this list completed in no time. 


Stay tuned for more Preparedness items in the weeks to come. Enjoy the journey!!