March 2017-Week 13! (Powdered Milk, Clothes Lines and More)

As we move forward with the items on my list of 100 Essentials, were moving forward with Powered Milk. I remember well Carnation Powdered Milk growing up as a kid of a single Mom. We were very lucky to have regular Milk but from time to time we had Powdered Milk. If served Cold, it's really great tasting. Today, we have better choices with  Honeyville Great tasting with a long shelf-life. While at the Honeywell website, pick up some of the Ova Easy Whole Egg Crystals (Best on the Market). We have used Ova Easy Eggs several times over the years. Even have some in our Camp! When adding to your food storage always buy extra!! 



Instant Milk Alternative - 4 Pound Can
Honeyville Food Products

The next item on our list are Seed Banks and we prefer Texas Ready Seed Banks. I have asked Lucinda to be our guest Blogger next week so you can find out more about this fabulous product directly from the expert in this area. Stay tuned-You won't be disappointed!

Item #31 ClothesPins/ClothesLine/Drying Rack & Hangers (A Must). Some of you might remember having these when you were going up, I sure do. How about a Solar Clothes Dryer! Check out this video!!!

Having repair kits for your Coleman products are a must in case you have a breakdown of any kind. If you have a different brand of Stove or Lantern, make sure you have everything the you need for repairs. 

Our last couple of items for this week are Fire Extinguishers and Boxes of Baking Soda for every Room (Large Boxes). We all know that Fire can happen so we just need to be ready in case it does. 

Fire extinguishers are divided into four categories, based on different types of fires. Each fire extinguisher also has a numerical rating that serves as a guide for the amount of fire the extinguisher can handle. The higher the number, the more fire-fighting power. Know how to use your Fire Extinguisher. 

Baking Soda has so many uses but works great on putting out Grease Fires Too! Purchase the large boxes. (1 per room)

ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda, 13.5 Pound
UCCI (European Credit and Commerce International)

Another week of adding to your Preparedness. Follow along next week and see what Lucinda has in store from Texas Ready Seed Banks.