Working on the Ranch!

For the past week, David and Steve have been working on the barn. The doors are installed and the trim around all five doors are done. So much work with 95 + heat everyday. Its really exciting to see this all coming together. Stating off the week with dinner at Texas Roadhouse!

For those of you who don't know, David designed our Barn and for the past 2 years with the help of Steve (My Brother) they have been working on getting it done. 

With the new barn to hold most of the Ranch equipment (Tractor, Polaris, Scissor Lift and most of the tools) the plan to move forward is shaping up nicely. We added an American Flag (Not the little one pictured) and power will be added soon too. This is just the start of many projects on the Ranch and I hope that you will follow along with the progress. 

American Flag

We love this ranch and the possibilities are endless when you have time, patience and of course family to help along the way. Even some new bunk beds have entered the barn. 

Do you ever wonder how big is this barn?? Well, it's 60 X 60 x32. That's right 32 ft high!!! When it's all done, David will have his shop back up and running, full apartment with bathroom and small kitchen. We love the ranch and especially the weather. 

Ranch 06.tiff.jpg

Can't wait to live here full time and enjoy all the the ranch has to offer. Like ranch animals, huge garden, chickens, and more! Stay tuned...