October is a great time to get your 100 Essentials #71 to #75 in stock!

Fall is in the air and October is here, so how are you doing in getting prepared for the months ahead. Hopefully, if you have been following along, your well on your way to having everything that you might need when something happens. 

Item #71 (Hand Pumps & Siphons) for water and fuel. We have a well on our property but without power how would we run it? Good question, With a Deep Well Hand or Solar Pump. We have seen many over the years but this has remained our favorite for price and ease of use. Check it out here. Click on the picture for more information: 

Here is a great article on Siphoning Gas if needed. There are many items on the market to help with this so do your research and find the best one for you. If you haven't checked out Northern Tool as of yet, they have an large variety of items for the preparedness community. Check them out by clicking on the picture:

Maybe have two of these so that if one poops out, you have a back up one. This might be on my list for Christmas this year.

Item #72 (Bouillons , Gravy, Soup Base, Soy Sauce and more) I always have these items in my pantry and here are a few of my favorites.  Here is my favorite Bouillon, "Better Then Bouillon" Roasted Chicken, Roast Beef, Roaster Garlic, Seasoned Vegetable and more. Click on the picture and check out the recipes and find out where you can find these. Costco sometimes has one or two but get them all and stock up. 


Item #73 is essential for most folks out there. When you get your prescription, get two pairs so you always have a back up. Purchase some extra reader glasses in you need them as well as sunglasses too.

We're onto item #74 (Chocolate, Cocoa, Tang, Lemonade Mix, Tea & Coffee) These items are pretty self explanatory but you will want to have enough to help you get through. We love to have Chocolate almost everyday, so we have plenty to last. Whatever your fix is, get it now, before you can't.

Winter weather is around the corner so Item #75 (Scarves, Ear Muffs, Gloves, Mittens, Sweaters, Warm Jackets and Wool Clothing. In cold weather, there is nothing more undesirable then being COLD Burr... Personally, I am cold about 80% of the time anyway so I always layer my clothing even in summer. Cold and Wet, could lead to hypothermia. 


Well, with another week checked off the list, hopefully your feeling better about your personal preparedness. See you next week!