What's Your Code? Preparedness 101!

You might be asking the question what does she mean? What is your Code? Well, follow along and find out what I mean...

When you have a family emergency and youwant to get in touch with your family or kids, what do you do?? I have a family code!! Choose 4 digit numbers that mean something to you and your family. For example, your birthday (0125) your first child's birthday (0201) and you get the idea… This will become your family code.

At your next family meeting or dinner when you are face to face and not over the phone you will discuss your family code. This is to be used in the case of emergencies only! When you or your family member gets this code via tex message on your phone, you drop everything and call the person sending you the code. 

In the event of an emergency, you may only have minutes to let your loved ones that your ok. Use this code in the event of a earthquake, natural disaster, death in your family or whatever your emergency might be.

Add this to my the list of 100 essentials. https://www.amp-3.net/resources/

Have a plan in advance and you will be better prepared for what might come your way. Thank you for following along and please let me know what you think! Is anyone listening? I hope so….