This week, I blogged about the Cascadia Subduction Zone off the coast of Oregon. This morning over the past 4 hours, Gold Beach, Oregon has experienced a slew of earthquakes measuring from 4.10 to 5.60. How do I know this? Great question!

I have an Earthquake App on my iPhone. This app sends me an alert anytime there is a earthquake over 4.0 in North America. This is a worldwide app so wherever you live you can be notified of earthquakes in your area. Be Aware and Be Prepared!

 My Earthquake Alerts & Feed

My Earthquake Alerts & Feed

This swarm of earthquakes off the coast of California and Oregon could be the sign of things to come. Are you getting prepared? 

Hopefully, some more folks are waking up to the thought of preparedness and we are he to assist you in this. Check out my list of 100 Essentials and my blog for last year to get ideas on getting prepared. Here is the link for my 100 Essentials