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Latest Addition to our Preps! #Camp_Liberty

Sorry for the delay in getting a new blog post out to all of you. First of all, my Podcast is on hold as we have been super busy with all of the life things that are happening. Don’t worry, our family is doing great!

As some of you may know, we had Camp 216 for about 4 years and sold her in May 2018 to a wonderful couple from Mt Pleasant, Utah where she was built. They love her and have had several adventures to Florida and more!

The process to get our new camp, started back at that time with the same wonderful family that built Camp 216! Peak Mtn Camps opened in 2017 with Mike, Weston, Kyler and Dave Wheeler designing, building and selling the very best camps made in the USA!

We ordered #Camp_Liberty in March 2019 and we picked her up in October 2019. From the first moment that I walked in the door, I knew that we had made the right choice with our new Camp!

Why Camp Liberty you might ask? Liberty to go where we want to go, when we want to go!

Peal Mtn Camps

Peal Mtn Camps

Why do they call them Camps? Great question! These travel trailers are modeled after the Sheep Camps that go back to the 1870’s. These camps were originally used on Sheep and Cattle Ranches for the commissary, animal food, storage and to house the sheep herder or rancher while on the land. Here is an old camp that we saw on the way to pick up our Liberty!


We had to stop and check out this old camp! Like #Camp_Liberty, this camp had a wood burning stove, bed, small kitchen but it was really beaten up and could use a good cleaning.

Peak Mtn Camps is located in Spring City, Utah just outside of Mt Pleasant, Utah where we purchased Camp 216. The sweet thing about ordering a new camp, was we got to choose all of our colors like buying a new home. Counter tops, floors, walls and so on!

Our First look at #Camp_Liberty!

Beth, David, Weston and Dave on Day #1 in #Camp_Liberty

Beth, David, Weston and Dave on Day #1 in #Camp_Liberty

Big Red and Camp Liberty on our way to Yellowstone National Park!

Big Red and Camp Liberty on our way to Yellowstone National Park!

Having almost two weeks on the road with our camp was simply the best maiden voyage that we could have possibly planned. Park City Utah, Casper Wyoming, Buffalo and Sheridan Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park, Twin Falls Idaho and then back to Mt View Ranch in Southern Oregon. Wow! The sights that we got to see and the people we got to meet were simply amazing!

We just got to spend a few more nights in Liberty at the Ranch too! Have more questions? Follow along with #Camp_Liberty on our Instagram page and new YouTube Channel as well!


Just Recorded! Prepare to Be Prepared!

Well, I have done it! Just recorded my first podcast but it will be awhile before I have it up on iTunes. The experts that I have been followingPat Flynnand Sunny Lenarduzzisuggest to have 10 Episodes available before putting them up in iTunes. The more I do, the faster I will get for sure. I really am loving this!

Preparedness is what we do and what we love to teach about. Now, do we have everything that we need in case of emergency? No, but we work at every month. We have almost everything on my list of 100 Essentials but with building Mountain View Ranch, we have some ways to go. This summer we hope to add electricity to the property! This will be huge for us to have shore power. We will continue with Off-Grid options? Yes! The problem with having only Off-Grid options, you limit the folks that could purchase the property if we or the kids every decide to sell. You can’t get a mortgage on a property without shore power or a home on the property. These will all be on our property.

David and I decided about 10 years ago that we wanted to have property and live pretty much self-reliant. With the kids out of the house and getting along with their own lives, this became more of a reality.

For about 4 years we looked in Colorado, Idaho and Montana for the perfect piece of property. Never did I think that we would stay in Oregon. Looking a one day, I saw this amazing piece of property now known as Mountain View Ranch. David and our son Matthew came down to look at this piece of property while I was doing a show in Prather, CA. David only looked at the property from the road and never walked the property. He asked me, can you stop on the way back and check out this property? Of course!

Driving up to the property, I saw White Vinyl Fencing and fell in love but I had to walk the property to make sure. In calling the realtor, he stated that a couple was flying out from Arizona the next weekend and he was pretty sure they were going to put an offer in on the property. Well, I got out of the truck and on that beautiful sunny March day, I walked this property. It had a very old barn that was leaning over so bad that the owner had put up aircraft cable with pulleys to prop up one side of the barn. It was pretty scary but the rest of the property was absolutely beautiful. Two ponds that were full, several streams were flowing here and there, wildflowers and green grass. 

The Original Barn was falling over and not safe!

The Original Barn was falling over and not safe!

While, I was walking on this beautiful property, I heard God’s voice saying, “This is it! This is it, this is it!” You know that feeling that you being told by God what to do? Then you know that you had better act.

After talking to the realtor again, I let him know that we would be down on Thursday to walk the property and possibly put in an offer. Well, needless to say we did drive back down and put in our offer. Initially it was rejected by the owner so we waited. I knew that this was the property that we were supposed to have. After mulling it over for about 12 hours, we put in a full price offer and now have our 68-acre ranch know as Mountain View Ranch! 

New Barn Built By David and Steve when the contractor we hired baled!

New Barn Built By David and Steve when the contractor we hired baled!

David and my brother Steve (Oak as he’s also known)

David and my brother Steve (Oak as he’s also known)

Without Agnes (Our Scissor Lift) we would have never gotten our Barn done! Steve is also a Painting Contractor that helps as well.

Without Agnes (Our Scissor Lift) we would have never gotten our Barn done! Steve is also a Painting Contractor that helps as well.

Drone View of our Ranch!

Drone View of our Ranch!

Now, I feel like I have gone on and on about the ranch but it’s a huge part of our Preparedness. Where ever you live you need to be Prepared for whatever might come your way.

 Download my list of 100 Essentials


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Super Excited!

First, I have to have a HUGE Shout Out to Patricia! 

She wrote to me at the end of March to say:

“I've been a reader of your blog for around 4 months and I would like first of all to say that I really enjoy it. I’ve recently had some problems with my eyes which effects my reading ability. Thereby I've a favor to ask. Is it possible for you to add Podcast audio version of your articles? It would be very useful for people like me or others who like to listen to your content.”

Well, readers, I am going to start a Podcast in the next few weeks! Had to order a few items that I will need to get everything started but I should be all set in about 2 weeks. I will keep blogging as well because some folks prefer that as well. As soon as its ready to launch, you will be the first to know!

How many of you follow us on Instagram (amp3prep)? Really excited about this too, I will be posting on this platform on a regular basis so I hope that you will follow along. We also have a Facebook Page and Twittertoo! So many social media spots but it’s really fun! 


iFak with Red Molle Bag $105

iFak with Red Molle Bag $105

I have to order a few items for the podcast so it will be a couple of weeks before I am up and running but you will be the first to know. Invite your friends and following along. The podcast will be based on Practical Preparedness for the everyday person and finding items on a budget. Since 1992, we have been into preparing and collecting items that we have and use. This blog has given me a way to share knowledge and the podcast will allow me to have guests that really know about the industry as well as products they recommend. 

My husband, David is a ER Physician and one of two Physicians on the Hospital Disaster Community. He mentioned that they are planning a luncheon using Freeze Dried Food and I immediately thought of my favoriteChicken Tortilla Soup from Honeyville. I have made this before and it’s really a hearty and satisfying soup

I hope that in the weeks to come, you will send me some topics that you would like to see in my Podcast. Really excited about this new chapter in the life of Amp3 as well as working with amazing people on the road to better Preparedness. 

Remember to follow us on Instagram and Like US Facebook and Twitter! Leave a comment or email me! All of the links are below!

Do One or Two Things!

Preparing for an emergency such as an earthquake or wildfire can feel like a daunting task at the outset. What to pack? How much water? How much food? Where to meet? Who to call?

That's why I encourage everyone to take baby steps and check off one item at a time using my list of 100 Essentials or one initiative called Do One Thing!

With this in mind, let’s get started on becoming better prepared for natural disasters or what ever might come your way. Every month take 2 or 3 items from the list to add to your personal preparedness. Remember, slow but steady progress toward the ultimate goal of better emergency preparedness.

Getting your go bag ready, you can take a whole month and find some things for your go bag, get that ready, put it in your car, put it in a place in your house. Then the next month you can focus on getting a two-week supply of food and water. You get the idea! Have items for you and your family that you know you will eat. Purchase food items that have a long shelf life. We prefer. Honeyville has everything that your family will need! We order from them on a regular basis.

I think most people just really like to think it’s not going to happen to me! That’s when you know you are not prepared. If you live in an area that has forest fires you need to understanding that you’re in a hazard area or that it can happen to you is probably one of the greatest things you can do to begin with. Better to be prepared then to think it’s not going to happen.

Consider having a storage locker to store all of your preps. This should be fire proof and water proof to protect your valuable preparedness supplies. We currently have two storage places as we have two properties and depending on where we are, we want to be prepared.

Plan, Prepare and Practice are the three pillars of Preparedness. Summer coming soon so plant your garden and can your produce!

Let me know your thoughts and keep preparing for your family and your future!

Christmas Time is Here!

I am writing this Blog to help out the Preparedness Community to be prepared for whatever might come your way. You are part of this community and I hope that you and your family are using this Christmas to add to your Preparedness. Will you challenge yourself and others to use the 100 Essentials with your Christmas shopping needs. If you add a few items from this list you will that much further ahead when the new yer starts.

I suggest that you print off the list, cross out everything that you already have and start with what you might be needing. Remember some of these items are very affordable and some are more expensive. Since we started working on Mountain View Ranch in 2014, we have used our Honda Generator everyday that were there almost 24/7. What a great investment! I have seen them on Sale over the Christmas Season for up to $200 off! Look on Craigslist for a used one. You won’t be sorry to have this in case of emergency. You will also need oil and gas on hand as well.


What a great Christmas gift this would be for your family. As many of you know, I love Vintage Oil Lamps. This time of year, I have them in our home for ambiance but if the power goes out, I am ready with one almost always lit. I love the warm glow of old oil lamps.


I am looking forward to have the kids home this week with lots of Baking, Christmas Movies, Driving around to see Christmas Lights and so much more. I have my Christmas Shipping almost done and David is going to love the Christmas Surprise under the tree this year. Yes, it will be used at the Ranch!

Share with me your Christmas plans and what your going to add to your Preparedness!

From our Family to Yours! Keep Christmas with you all the year through!

From our Family to Yours! Keep Christmas with you all the year through!

December Is Here!

This time of the year seems to go by so fast! With shopping, decorating, cooking, family, friends and parties!. Where does the time go? Well, here are a few tips to keep all of this is perspective. 

Head out early in the morning to get your shopping done, easier parking, less crowds and the deals will still be there. This year, I shopped at the mall on Cyber Monday. The Mall was empty and I really enjoyed the process of picking out jus the right gift for my family and friends. This week should be about the same, it you can get to the stores early.

Shopping online has never been easier but be careful! Only use a Credit Card when shopping online as Debit Cards are not a secure. Order early so that you ensure you will receive your orders in a timely manner. 

If you have packages to ship out of town, I usually shop for them first and get them in the mail weigh away. This morning, I actually shipped all of my out of town packages. Feels great to have them off my list... Remember the later you ship your packages, the more it costs to get them for Christmas.

Can't think of gifts this year, give the gift from my 100 Essentials List and start your family and friends on Preparedness. Just a thought!

The Christmas season is all about spending time with family and friends. This year, I will be baking some Christmas Cookies and I will share some of my favorites. Here are two from last Christmas! Yum...


Christmas is such a special time of the year if you can plan ahead, take each day as it comes and enjoy the process. We getting excited to have time to spend with our family, friends and we hope that you do too!


Just had to share! Sustainable Preparedness

Your going to want this in your library! Now is a great time to order! Thank you Lisa and Nick for putting this together! Click on the picture below and watch the video. Great Christmas Gift if your looking for any ideas! Sustainable Preparedness Holiday Special