Cook Books

It Took A Year!

Well, my list of 100 Essentials, is coming ot an end but it's really the beginning! Were moving on to Item #95 (Olives, Green Chilies and Canned Vegetables including Mushrooms). These items are need to spice up your receipe's. Stock up and have plenty on hand. Olives are great in bread too! Yum...

Item #96 consists of Mustard, Ketchup, Taco Seasoning, Bread Crumbs and all other spices. These items I get at my favorite store (Cash & Carry) or Cash and Grab as my brother calls it! This is a food service store open to the public and I am sure you have something like this store where you live. It's affordable and convenient for everyday shopping. Like Costco or Sams Club but better!

Well, item #97 is one of my favorites for sure! Cookbooks on Food Storage, Canning, Gardening, you name it! Heading to Goodwill later today and I will be checking out the books there for sure! Yard Sales, Estate Sales, Salvation Army or Goodwill are great places to pick up some extra books.

Item #98 Canned Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Nutmeg. Once again, Cash and Carry or a similar store will be the place to stock up on these items. This is the time of the year to find them, so why not stock up!

Well, our good friend's Ben & Heidi Gilmore own a company called Tech Protect Mylar Bags. Great for your electronics and many more uses. Watch this video!

Remember, you want to have Food Grade for your Food as well as a Heat Sealer to seal them. This is the one that we have. Works great and we have used it a lot over the years.

Well, here's Item #100!!! CASH $$$ remember small bills $10 and less. A minimum of $100 per person in your family. More is always better because you never know when you might need it. Silver and Gold are also important to have on hand.

Thank you for reading along, even though I received only a few comments, I hope that this helped! 

Merry Christmas!!!