Wow! What a week...

This past week has been nothing more than interesting and frustrating at the same time. We just moved into our new home in the Portland area and we were suppose to close on 8/18, then 8/25 and finally closed on 9/7. We have had no internet but still able to look at Amp-3 orders on my phone and computer by using my Verizon Hot Spot. Can't print and email was spotty.

We have had several orders online and a couple phoned in. Needless to say, were a bit backed up. All orders should be shipped by Friday, September 15th. Several of our items come from Texas and that has also added to the delay. When it rains, it pours but God never puts more on your plate then you can handle.

If you waiting for an order, look for the tracking information by the end of the week. Thank you for your orders and your patience!!! 

Another new product for Amp-3!!!