Just Recorded! Prepare to Be Prepared!

Well, I have done it! Just recorded my first podcast but it will be awhile before I have it up on iTunes. The experts that I have been followingPat Flynnand Sunny Lenarduzzisuggest to have 10 Episodes available before putting them up in iTunes. The more I do, the faster I will get for sure. I really am loving this!

Preparedness is what we do and what we love to teach about. Now, do we have everything that we need in case of emergency? No, but we work at every month. We have almost everything on my list of 100 Essentials but with building Mountain View Ranch, we have some ways to go. This summer we hope to add electricity to the property! This will be huge for us to have shore power. We will continue with Off-Grid options? Yes! The problem with having only Off-Grid options, you limit the folks that could purchase the property if we or the kids every decide to sell. You can’t get a mortgage on a property without shore power or a home on the property. These will all be on our property.

David and I decided about 10 years ago that we wanted to have property and live pretty much self-reliant. With the kids out of the house and getting along with their own lives, this became more of a reality.

For about 4 years we looked in Colorado, Idaho and Montana for the perfect piece of property. Never did I think that we would stay in Oregon. Looking a one day, I saw this amazing piece of property now known as Mountain View Ranch. David and our son Matthew came down to look at this piece of property while I was doing a show in Prather, CA. David only looked at the property from the road and never walked the property. He asked me, can you stop on the way back and check out this property? Of course!

Driving up to the property, I saw White Vinyl Fencing and fell in love but I had to walk the property to make sure. In calling the realtor, he stated that a couple was flying out from Arizona the next weekend and he was pretty sure they were going to put an offer in on the property. Well, I got out of the truck and on that beautiful sunny March day, I walked this property. It had a very old barn that was leaning over so bad that the owner had put up aircraft cable with pulleys to prop up one side of the barn. It was pretty scary but the rest of the property was absolutely beautiful. Two ponds that were full, several streams were flowing here and there, wildflowers and green grass. 

The Original Barn was falling over and not safe!

The Original Barn was falling over and not safe!

While, I was walking on this beautiful property, I heard God’s voice saying, “This is it! This is it, this is it!” You know that feeling that you being told by God what to do? Then you know that you had better act.

After talking to the realtor again, I let him know that we would be down on Thursday to walk the property and possibly put in an offer. Well, needless to say we did drive back down and put in our offer. Initially it was rejected by the owner so we waited. I knew that this was the property that we were supposed to have. After mulling it over for about 12 hours, we put in a full price offer and now have our 68-acre ranch know as Mountain View Ranch! 

New Barn Built By David and Steve when the contractor we hired baled!

New Barn Built By David and Steve when the contractor we hired baled!

David and my brother Steve (Oak as he’s also known)

David and my brother Steve (Oak as he’s also known)

Without Agnes (Our Scissor Lift) we would have never gotten our Barn done! Steve is also a Painting Contractor that helps as well.

Without Agnes (Our Scissor Lift) we would have never gotten our Barn done! Steve is also a Painting Contractor that helps as well.

Drone View of our Ranch!

Drone View of our Ranch!

Now, I feel like I have gone on and on about the ranch but it’s a huge part of our Preparedness. Where ever you live you need to be Prepared for whatever might come your way.

 Download my list of 100 Essentials


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Christmas Time is Here!

I am writing this Blog to help out the Preparedness Community to be prepared for whatever might come your way. You are part of this community and I hope that you and your family are using this Christmas to add to your Preparedness. Will you challenge yourself and others to use the 100 Essentials with your Christmas shopping needs. If you add a few items from this list you will that much further ahead when the new yer starts.

I suggest that you print off the list, cross out everything that you already have and start with what you might be needing. Remember some of these items are very affordable and some are more expensive. Since we started working on Mountain View Ranch in 2014, we have used our Honda Generator everyday that were there almost 24/7. What a great investment! I have seen them on Sale over the Christmas Season for up to $200 off! Look on Craigslist for a used one. You won’t be sorry to have this in case of emergency. You will also need oil and gas on hand as well.


What a great Christmas gift this would be for your family. As many of you know, I love Vintage Oil Lamps. This time of year, I have them in our home for ambiance but if the power goes out, I am ready with one almost always lit. I love the warm glow of old oil lamps.


I am looking forward to have the kids home this week with lots of Baking, Christmas Movies, Driving around to see Christmas Lights and so much more. I have my Christmas Shipping almost done and David is going to love the Christmas Surprise under the tree this year. Yes, it will be used at the Ranch!

Share with me your Christmas plans and what your going to add to your Preparedness!

From our Family to Yours! Keep Christmas with you all the year through!

From our Family to Yours! Keep Christmas with you all the year through!

It's Been A While! 100 Essentials Plus....

Well, its been awhile since my last blog post. This year has been a year of changes with Chemo and Radiation treatment ending in August. Really glad to have that behind me. Here I am on my last Chemo treatment!

Final Chemo Treatment June 18th. Followed by 4 weeks of Radiation! Glad to have this done!

Final Chemo Treatment June 18th. Followed by 4 weeks of Radiation! Glad to have this done!

David and I celebrated our 38th Wedding Anniversary down at the Ranch!


As far as our preparedness goes, I started working on our “Under The Bed” emergency kits. These are plastic tubs that currently have the following items in them. Here is the list so far of what we have in them:

Leather Gloves, Bandana, Flashlight, Batteries, Street Map, Knife, Large Pack Hoo-Ahhs, N95 Masks, Pair of Socks, Shoes, Duct Tape,

Amp-3 EDC (Everyday Carry) ,

Amp-3 PDK (Personal Disaster Kit)

Hand Warmers, Head Lamp and Light Stick. I have yet to add the Hard Hat and Clothes.

You might ask yourself, “Why Would I Need This”? We live in earthquake country and found out the hard way what it’s like to not be prepared. When a larger earthquake hits, you might have broken glass on the floor and you DON”T want to just step out onto that.

This tubs is prefect and slides right under the bad and ready in case of emergency.

IMG_1318 copy.jpg

You never really know when you might need this but I would rather be ready when I do. Seems like every week or so, I am adding to this kit with something. Go ahead and plan ahead for whatever emergency you might have heading your way. Let me know what you think too? Your thoughts are always important to me.

Water Storage! 100 Essentials

Since we moved into the new house here in Oregon, we're just are not as prepared as we need to be. Water, is something that we have to have so we can up with this solution.

Check out your local grocery store for 5 gal water containers. They might even have a fill station like the one that I used. Even if your on a budget, like we are and purchase something every month to add to your preparedness, you can do this. 

I purchased four water containers and the water for less then $32. Realizing that you need one gallon of water per day per person (Don't forget your Pets). If the water is coming from a city source, it will already be chlorinated and you won't need to add anything to it to keep it for a year. If your not sure, then add a few drops of bleach.


5 Gallon Water Bottles for $6.95 ea. You need a Gallon of water per person per day...

5 Gallon Water Bottles for $6.95 ea. You need a Gallon of water per person per day...

Water filling station at the grocery store! .30cents per gallon

Water filling station at the grocery store! .30cents per gallon

20 Gallons Ready to use! Less then $32

20 Gallons Ready to use! Less then $32

You can start with this but realize that, you need enough for your family and pets for at least 2 weeks to start. Adding more will only give you more backup or share with your neighbors. 

Preparedness doesn't have to be expensive but everyone should be prepared!

Let me know your thoughts and your suggestions! Keep adding to your 100 Essentials!

Getting You Better Prepared! 100 Essentials

We live in Oregon but no matter where you live, preparedness is for everyone! In Oregon, we need to prepare for the big one! Have you heard about the Cascadia Subduction Zone? Watch this!

Created by the Oregon State University IDEAS Visualization Team

Are you prepared with a Go-Bag? How about a Ham Radio? Do you know how you would get home if you had to walk? This is going to be a very bad day no matter how you prepare. Be smart NOW about how you prepare. FEMA tells you to be prepared for 3 days, how did that work out for the folks of Hurricane Harvey? Not well, they needed to prepare for 2 weeks instead. That is about what you will need here in Oregon for this very bad and disastrous day!

Two weeks of preparedness means, without help from the outside! You need to self sufficient for this time with your neighbors and surrounding community. Will you be able to live without running water, without being able to flush your toilet or electricity? It's more then just stuff that you will need to be prepared with. 

Preparedness isn't easy, it takes time and you have to have a plan. Do you know how to shut off your Natural Gas? Do you have the tool need to shut it off? Do you know how to shut off your water? 


Gas and Water Shutoff! Zip tie this to your Gas Meter! Be Ready....

Gas and Water Shutoff! Zip tie this to your Gas Meter! Be Ready....

Do you have satellite radio in your car? If you have a newer car, you probably do but you pay the $$ each month to use it. You will be able to get information about your area via Satellite radio in the event of a disaster. . Communication is key during any disaster.

Do you have a meeting place for your family. Have you practiced getting to this place. Remember, you may be walking to this meeting place be ready with a good pair of walking shoes. 

When experts talk about a 9+ earthquake hitting off the coast of Oregon, this is not a small event. It will effect the entire West Coast. 

Estimated Impacts:

The scenario Cascadia earthquake would be an unprecedented catastrophe for Oregon and for the United States. It would impact every aspect of life for all Oregonians and for the residents of northern California, Washington, and British Columbia. The effects of a Cascadia subduction earthquake will be greatest on the coast, which is right next to the subduction zone fault, and will diminish as one goes inland. This, in combination with Oregon’s mountainous geography, divides the state into four impact zones: within the tsunami zone, damage will be nearly complete. In the coastal zone, shaking will be severe, liquefaction and landsliding will be widespread and severe, and damage will be severe. In the valley zone, shaking will be strong, liquefaction and landsliding will be common but less severe, and moderate damage will be widespread. In the eastern zone, shaking will be mild, landslides and liquefaction sporadic, and damage generally light.

The impacts of a great subduction earthquake on Oregon are impossible to predict accurately, but several studies have estimated damage and casualties, and those estimates give a sense for how far- reaching a disaster the next great earthquake will be. Estimated consequences include:

  • Earthquake deaths ranging from 650 to 5,000, with another 600 to 5,000 deaths due to the tsunami.

  • 24,000 buildings completely destroyed, and another 85,000 with extensive damage requiring months to years of repair.

  • Approximately $32 billion in economic losses.

  • 27,600 displaced households.

These high levels of damage and loss reflect both the great size of the earthquake and the fact that many buildings, roads, bridges, and utility networks were designed before Oregon’s building codes and practices recognized any significant earthquake threats, and most were designed before codes began to take great subduction earthquakes into account. Lifeline systems, such as highways and pipelines, are particularly vulnerable to ground failure, which will be widespread in the next great earthquake. As a result, the vulnerability analyses done for this plan are grim. For example, if the earthquake were to happen tomorrow. 

Estimated Time to restore services: 

  • One to three years to restore drinking water and sewer service in the coastal zone.

  • One month to one year to restore water and sewer in the valley zone.

  • Six to twelve months to restore partial function of the top-priority highways in the valley zone.

  • Two to four months to restore police and fire stations in the valley zone.

  • Eighteen months to restore healthcare facilities in the valley zone, three years or more in the coastal zone.

I am not really sure how you totally prepare for this situation but you still have to be aware and prepare the best you can if you live anywhere in Oregon.

What are Schools, Universities and Churches doing to prepare for this scenario? Have they even begun to talk to teaches, students or congregations on what to do in the event of this disaster? I am not really sure! 

Let me know your thoughts and what your doing? What is your plan?? We would really love to hear from you....


January 22, 2018! Part 2 from Jerry D. Young!

Hope that you enjoyed last weeks post from Jerry D. Young on his plan for Preparedness. This week we will continue along that theme and give you the 2nd half of his plan.

The best place to start is usually getting the basic human needs taken care of first, no matter what scenario you are preparing for. First you need to figure out what those are, but that is pretty easy. I have a list. The rest can come when you have learned more and not only have, but have practiced with, the initial items.

Begin to study and learn all you can now, and as you go along. Preps without knowledge aren’t nearly as effective as they are when you know the why-to and when-to in addition to the how-to. Do not feel like you must do everything in the order listed. You will need to do many of the things, especially these first ones, concurrently. Some things can wait, depending on your specific situation, but the basic human needs should all be met as quickly and completely as possible.

1.  Air:

Fortunately, it is still free and available, for the most part, for most scenarios. If there is a problem with air supply, special equipment and supplies are necessary. Not a beginner’s subject.

2.  Water:

Has to be contaminate free, naturally or with other means. And a lot of it. Store a lot, locate a reliable future source, get water treatment/purification. A few 15-gallon water drums, a couple of stainless steel water bottles with cups for the BOBs, a quality water purifier, either a high cap camping filter or a combination of a drip filter for the BIB and a smaller hikers filter for the BOBs. Scout out locations for long term supplies of water.

3.  Food:

You can go for a while without it, but not long or you become useless. No cook, add hot water only, & easy-cook shelf stable foods, heavy on meats, fruits, and comfort foods. For both BOB and BIB. Buy in bulk or in case lots when possible. At the least, buy extra of the things you want and use on a daily basis when they are on sale. To build up longer term supplies, double buy each grocery day. Soon you will have a good pantry.

Learn to garden and grow as much as you can as soon as you can. Ditto home canning when you get the garden going. Don't be afraid of the commercially produced crops like wheat and oats. You can grow non-hybrid/organic types in a home garden. 

4.  Sanitation:

You gotta go when you gotto go. You need the safe means to do so. Chemical toilet, TP, hand washing means, bug spray, antiseptic cleaners, shovel to bury wastes. Toiletries. Charmin camper’s toilet paper and cleansing wipes for the BOBs. Infectious diseases protection supplies, face mask, gloves, goggles and hand sanitizer. And the ladies, and especially soon to be ladies, need large supplies of their needs on hand. 

5.  Environmental protection:

You need appropriate clothing as well as housing. Sometimes it is more important than food or sanitation in extreme circumstances. This includes being able to make and control fires. The right clothes for the season. Basic camping gear in case the house becomes unlivable.

You are probably already doing the right clothes for the given season, though here in Reno I see people going from heated homes to heated cars, to heated business and back again wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops in 20 degree weather with snow on the ground and coming down hard (I am not joking). Have what you need to keep you comfortable in the weather.

And the camp gear is for when the house cannot be lived in and you need to camp out in the back yard or evacuate. Or even stay in the house when nothing is working. Fallout/blast shelters, like air purification, are another specific topic that deserves separate consideration. Put it in the budget, and start saving, but don’t short the other equipment and supplies unless war is imminent. 

6.  Security:

Beside protection from the elements, there can be a need for protection from dangerous animals, including other humans. Light is your friend. If you cannot see the threat, you cannot protect yourself from it. Lights and vision devices are an important part of a security plan, as well as all around useful. Once you know you can see it, you can get the actual means to protect yourself from those things in your threat analysis you decided were the biggest dangers. From wild domesticated animals, wild animals, and self-defense in those cases where it might be needed. Training, weapons, defensive measures. For some this is a much higher priority. Evaluate your needs and make the decision. 

They tend to be expensive, so set up a long range budget and start saving money for them now, even if you can’t get it yet due to the overall expense. But as soon as you can, get something that is at least reasonably effective, even if you prefer something else in the future. Don’t put off protection items to get the penultimate weapons system. Train, train, and train some more with them. And don’t forget Operational Security. Be very careful who you let know you have preps. There can be repercussions if other people do know.

7.  Fire/Lighting/Sharps:

These are important for safety and utility. You will want several means to start a fire, and a couple of items to contain fire. Fire steel, Lifeboat matches, lighters with some tinder for the BOBs. To heat one room in the house, an indoor safe propane or kerosene heater with a supply of fuel stored outdoors. 

You will need lighting for indoors & outdoors. A couple of crank flashlights for both BIB and BOB, candles, propane lanterns, battery lanterns. Tactical lights for defense. Get some lighting specifically for preps, even though you probably already have a couple of flashlights with weak batteries and non-working bulbs. 

You will need sharps to cut with.  Knives/SAK/Multi-tool, axe, saw, etc. I’m fairly sure you have a knife or two in the house. Probably suitable for most uses, except lacking a sheath. But there are some blades that are better for field use and Swiss Army Knives (SAKs), and multi-tools can be handy, and if you need to build shelter or an outdoor fire, axes and saws will save you much labor.

Just purchased this slick little fire starter for David. American made! Click on image to get more information. 

Just purchased this slick little fire starter for David. American made! Click on image to get more information. 

8.  Heat/cooling/Cooking:

There quite probably will be a need to maintain acceptable temperatures in home and in the field such as indoor safe propane and kerosene heaters. Gas grill w/tanks, various camping stoves for home or field to cook food when possible (but not in the house). No-cook, and add-hot-water-only foods are desirable in the early stages of a situation. But a hot drink and hot meal can raise the spirits and supply needed warmth in many situations. Not critical at first in some climate, but nice later on.

Others will need to up this on the priority list if in a cold climate and suitable clothes for the weather won’t be available. This could include a generator in addition to non-electrical means so a refrigerator, freezer, AC, stove, medical equipment, fans, etc. can be operated. 

9.  Medical:

Maintaining everyone’s good health should be a priority all the time. But in some of the scenarios you probably came up with include medical emergencies. Knowledge and the right tools are literally life and death in some instances. Extensive first-aid kits, heavy on the trauma treatment for at the scene and in both BIBs & BOBs and the rest of the alphabet.

These are supplemental kits to your regular home first aid kit. It’s is fine for minor cuts, abrasions, stings, and bruises. In a disaster the injuries are likely to be not only worse, but in great numbers. Stock up with quality in mind and with as much quantity as is possible. Another item to budget early on to get a bit later. And get some training.

Make sure to rotate items that have expiration dates. You can use some of the outdated items in training exercises. Dispose of over the counter medication and any sharps safely.

***A note on prescription medications. Unlike OTC meds, prescriptions medications are limited to how much that can be obtained and stored. Some things, like narcotics, are limited to a single 30-day prescription. Other prescriptions can often be written for a 90 day supply. Work with your doctor to get as large of a supply of your prescription medication as you can get and can afford. 

10.  Morale/Welfare/Recreation:

If you need to be using preps, that means there is a lot of stress involved. The means to help relieve that stress can be very important. Games, some small toys and some paper and pencils, religious books, movies, books. Something to keep the kids quiet and busy, adults entertained or comforted, or just to break the monotony.

There are many more things on the list, but the first ten are the most important, in most circumstances. If your threat analysis includes certain scenarios, things like HAZMAT preparations climb up into those first ten.

Jerry has given all of us several items to think about and get prepared. If you have followed along from the beginning, some of these have been covered before by me in 2017 when I covered my list of 100 Essentials. Need a list??? Download it by using the link below.

 Thank you so much for following along and as always your Comments are always welcome! 



What's Your Plan?


What would your plan be if this were to happen where you live?

Do you have your 100 Essentials ready to go? Do you have a plan on dealing with Radiation? Here is what we have. iOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets, 130 mg (14 Tablets) available through Amazon. 

We also have three 1950 Radiation Detectors similar to these. Just found two about a year ago at an Antique Store for $40 ea. 


This is a different world that we are living in and anything can happen at anytime, it's a matter of how you handle the situation.

Be safe and be prepared!

How Many Are Following Along?

Well, the question this week is?? How many of you are following along?? I hope that you are and would love to know your thoughts so far, in regards to getting prepared with your 100 Essentials!

The items that we have discussed so far can be purchased anywhere you can find them. I have been adding the links to purchase them through Amazon, but Sportsman Warehouse, Cabela's, Fred Meyer and Orchard Supply are additional resources for you. We also love Farm and Ranch stores for supplies. Wherever you love to go, you will find something to add to your preparedness.

Remember to set your budget and plan on adding to your preparedness every month. Love to hear from you!


February 2017-Week Six!

February is here, so lets continue to go through our list of 100 Essentials. Don't have your list as of yet, Here is the link to download yours now.

This week were going to talk about items three, four and five (Portable Toilets, Firewood and Oil Lamps) on our list. These may seem a now brainer but the options you decide on now,  may help you get through the tough times that may lie ahead.

So lets get started! Item #3 is all about Portable Toilets. So many options from simple to complex. Let's start with simple! A bucket, human waste liners and a lid for under $20

Another great option for a Portable Toilet,  that is great for Camping as well as preparedness. This runs about $75 but might be a better option if your have a family. Remember: With portable toilets, you will want to use the RV type toilet paper for best biodegradable results .


Moving on to item #4 on our our list. Firewood, Kindling, Fire Starters and More! Seasoned Firewood is essential is keeping your family warm. Dense hardwoods like maple and oak have a higher energy content per cord and so release more heat per firebox load. Click the image to get more information. Remember: You can never have enough seasoned wood!


Last for this week is item #5. Lamps, Lamp Oil and Wicks. As some of you may know, I have a large collection of Antique Oil Lamps. I started collecting a few years ago and currently have about 45 and all of them are in working condition. I prefer to use odorless, smokeless and unscented lamp oil for all of my lamps. The lamp oil I use is Sterno Candle Lamp Soft Light Lamp Oil. I buy this 4 gals. at a time! Always have 8 ready to go!

Some of you may know that I am a collector of Antique Oil Lamps. At this time I have about 45 US Made Oil Lamps and some German made ones as well. A few years back, David bought me three of the lamps pictured below. I love these for the consistence of burning, ease of operation and level of lighting. I really love oil lights and the warm glow they omit. Add these to your preps and enjoy them for many years to come.


Well, this pretty much takes care of another three items on our list. Continue to follow along and before long you will be prepared! Have an amazing week and I will talk to you again next Monday!

Week Five is all about Water-Water is essential!

Everyone knows that you can last about a week without water and this depends upon the conditions such a extreme heat or exercise. Going three or four days without water will be longer then most of us will be able to do. At lease 60% of our bodies are made up of water and we need water to keep our bodies going. Water acts as a lubricate for our joints, regulates our body temperature through sweating and respiration and helps flush waste.


In preparedness, water is at the top of the list of what you need to have on hand. How much is always the question but you will never have enough. We have ten 15 gal water containers filled at all times. The Reliance Aqua-Tainer from Sportsman Warehouse are affordable and great to have on hand at your home or office.

In Portland, OR about 2 years ago, there was a panic that the Bull Run Reservior was contaminated. People were racing to the store to buy water and all the shelves were striped clean very quickly. We didn't have to worry because we already had out containers filled. 

Some other items to have on hand are The Berkey Water Filter system. Berkey water filers provide the ultimate in waterbourne contamination removal. Get the largest one the you can afford and an extra set of filers. The Berkey can serve 4 to 150 people with a single unit. You should consider having one of these at your work and home. You never know where your going to be when your going to need it. You will happy that you have this when the time comes that you need it. 

We believe in a layer system for your water needs. Having multiple systems will give you the flexibility to have systems and home as well as in your bug out bag while your on th move. While on the move, think about having The Life Straw. These are affordable, mobile and make contaminated water safe to drink. A stream, lake, water trough the life straw will remove bacteria and protozoa. We have these in our bug out bags and have used them in Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks. 

We hope that this will help you with your water preparedness needs. Share your ideas with others!

Starting With Week Two!

With the beginning of every new year, comes new possibilities and resolutions that we try to achieve. We start of the year with a list to lose weight, read more, save more money and the list goes on and on. This year is no different then the years before. The possibilities for this year could endless but you should have a plan in order to achieve some or even all of them. 

This year 2017, we are staring off the year with a better plan then last year so we will see how it goes. It's the second week of the new year and our list starts with storing more food. As the months go by I will be sharing with you, our readers as to what were add this week or month. 

Starting today, January 4th, 2017 we are adding more food storage to our pantry. . The item that I love best is Honeyville. From Bakery Products, Fruits, Vegetables, Gluten Free, Flours, Grains and on and on. Honeyville has the best tasting and long-term freeze dried food storage and more. Set a budget from $50 or more and use that to add to your preparedness every month.

Now, you might say that's not the best way to buy food and you might be right, however with a 25 year shelf life, you really can't go wrong. We started purchasing Honeyville over 4 years ago and will continue to do so from today and moving forward. You see, you can never have enough food and with winter here and snow on the ground it's better to order online.

We are saving $$ for the next item,  as they are expensive but hope to order one of these by the middle to the end of the year.  The Harvest Right Food Dehydrator is manufactured in the USA and uses food that either you grow or have bought. Watch this video to learn more. 

Canning and Preserving will be essential for your long term food storage as well. Start collecting Quart and Pint jars and lids to have for canning later in the summer. Look for deals on these now as they might go up in price once the season gets under way. Look at your local bookstore for books and magazines on canning and preserving. More on this at a later date.