Rev. Franklin Graham

Praying for Texas and Louisiana!!! 100 Essentials #66 to #70

Hope that you feel your getting some valuable information by following along. This week were on to Item #66 to #70.

Item #66 Board Games, Horseshoes, Cornhole, Dice, Playing Cards are just a few of our favorites. Check out your local Goodwill, Antique Store or make your own. These will help you pass the time while having fun with your family. Recently we were in Denver at the Brewery and played Corn Hole for over 2 hrs. Had a Blast!!! We're definitely making a few sets of these to have down at the ranch. 

#67 on my list os 100 Essentials are items to control pests. D-Con Rat Poison, Roach Killer, Wasp Spray, Mouse Traps, Ant Traps and so on. While we have been down at the ranch a lot this summer working on our barn, the yellow jackets, wasps and hornet nest are a consistent on the rafters of the barn. Here is the best solution that I have found to date. These babies work great and you can refill them easily, You Gone!!!

Item #68 Paper Plates, Napkins, Paper Towels, Plastic Cups and Plastic Utensils are easy and affordable to stock up on at your local Costco or other big box store. Clorex Wipes are also needed items to buy when ever you sell them. Stock up and Save!!!

Onto Item #69 Baby Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Antibacterial Soap are items need to keep you and your family clean. Do you know that the #1 issue for most folks will be hygiene and keeping clean. Wash your hands and keep the bacteria away as much as you can. This is going to be vital in staying alive. Look at Costco, The Dollar Store, Big Lots and so many of the big box stores will have what your looking for. Don't wait stock up today!

Item #70 Rain Boots, Waterproof Jackets, Waterproof Hats and Gloves. Items to keep you dry and  warm. Looking at the Devastation in Houston, TX I see so many folks walking around with out shoes and coats. This is a good way to cut your feet and get bacteria in those cuts. We are heartbroken about what is happening on the Texas Border and we are praying for the thousands of American's that have lost everything. 

We will be donating to Samaritans Purse, will you join us???

Click on this image if you wish to donate to help the victims of this historical disaster!

Click on this image if you wish to donate to help the victims of this historical disaster!