Do One or Two Things!

Preparing for an emergency such as an earthquake or wildfire can feel like a daunting task at the outset. What to pack? How much water? How much food? Where to meet? Who to call?

That's why I encourage everyone to take baby steps and check off one item at a time using my list of 100 Essentials or one initiative called Do One Thing!

With this in mind, let’s get started on becoming better prepared for natural disasters or what ever might come your way. Every month take 2 or 3 items from the list to add to your personal preparedness. Remember, slow but steady progress toward the ultimate goal of better emergency preparedness.

Getting your go bag ready, you can take a whole month and find some things for your go bag, get that ready, put it in your car, put it in a place in your house. Then the next month you can focus on getting a two-week supply of food and water. You get the idea! Have items for you and your family that you know you will eat. Purchase food items that have a long shelf life. We prefer. Honeyville has everything that your family will need! We order from them on a regular basis.

I think most people just really like to think it’s not going to happen to me! That’s when you know you are not prepared. If you live in an area that has forest fires you need to understanding that you’re in a hazard area or that it can happen to you is probably one of the greatest things you can do to begin with. Better to be prepared then to think it’s not going to happen.

Consider having a storage locker to store all of your preps. This should be fire proof and water proof to protect your valuable preparedness supplies. We currently have two storage places as we have two properties and depending on where we are, we want to be prepared.

Plan, Prepare and Practice are the three pillars of Preparedness. Summer coming soon so plant your garden and can your produce!

Let me know your thoughts and keep preparing for your family and your future!

It's Been A While! 100 Essentials Plus....

Well, its been awhile since my last blog post. This year has been a year of changes with Chemo and Radiation treatment ending in August. Really glad to have that behind me. Here I am on my last Chemo treatment!

Final Chemo Treatment June 18th. Followed by 4 weeks of Radiation! Glad to have this done!

Final Chemo Treatment June 18th. Followed by 4 weeks of Radiation! Glad to have this done!

David and I celebrated our 38th Wedding Anniversary down at the Ranch!


As far as our preparedness goes, I started working on our “Under The Bed” emergency kits. These are plastic tubs that currently have the following items in them. Here is the list so far of what we have in them:

Leather Gloves, Bandana, Flashlight, Batteries, Street Map, Knife, Large Pack Hoo-Ahhs, N95 Masks, Pair of Socks, Shoes, Duct Tape,

Amp-3 EDC (Everyday Carry) ,

Amp-3 PDK (Personal Disaster Kit)

Hand Warmers, Head Lamp and Light Stick. I have yet to add the Hard Hat and Clothes.

You might ask yourself, “Why Would I Need This”? We live in earthquake country and found out the hard way what it’s like to not be prepared. When a larger earthquake hits, you might have broken glass on the floor and you DON”T want to just step out onto that.

This tubs is prefect and slides right under the bad and ready in case of emergency.

IMG_1318 copy.jpg

You never really know when you might need this but I would rather be ready when I do. Seems like every week or so, I am adding to this kit with something. Go ahead and plan ahead for whatever emergency you might have heading your way. Let me know what you think too? Your thoughts are always important to me.

Amp-3 Outfitter!! Wound Care & Suturing Kit!! (Item #34 & #35)

Well, were moving forward with our list of 100 Essentials this week with our Amp-3 Outfitter and Wound Care & Suture Kits. Item #34 the Amp-3 Outfitter is the most Comprehensive Medical Kit on the market and the only one Made in the USA! 

This kits goes for Trauma to Dental in our Clinic in a Roll. Weighing just under 8 lbs rolled up and ready to go. Put together our Mastering Your Med Kit DVD ($35) that goes over pocket by pocket on how to use everything in our kit. Our customer made bag is David's design and manufactured in the USA. We pack most of our Modules in LokSak's that are also made in the USA! LokSak's are Waterproof down to 200 ft and completely air tight.

With so many choices for Medical Kits on the market. This is the only one designed by a ER Doctor with materials that he actually uses. This product was two years in the making and is now one of our Signature Kits. Currently priced at $395, available in ACU Digital, Coyote Brown, Black, Burnt Orange and Red. 

Item #35 is Wound Care & Suture Kits. David being a ER Doc, our Wound Care and Suture Kit is more comprehensive then any other kit on the market and Made in USA. Our Survival Suturing DVD, goes over Wound Care,  as well as when to suture and when NOT to suture. 

Hoping that these two kits will add some needed essentials for your Preparedness. 

Well that's it for this week, thank you for following along and supporting Amp-3!!!