The Original Space Blanket


The Original Space Blanket


Stay warm in cold weather with the Grabber SPACE Brand Emergency Blanket Silver/Silver. This extremely beneficial product is flexible to temperatures as low as -40 F. It provides important warmth and outdoor protection when you need it. The emergency thermal blanket is engineered to retain over 80 percent of the body's radiated heat, providing maximum reserves of warmth until you can get to a heated space. You can easily store this in your car, camper, boat or gear bag for sudden low-temperature circumstances. It can also be used after marathons or during breaks in sporting events. The waterproof SPACE emergency blanket features a unique combination of vacuum-deposited metal and a polyester surface, which blocks wind and moisture penetration. It boasts a generous 56" x 84" covering that folds and packs into a neat unit the size of a deck of cards, making it convenient to carry.

This SPACE emergency blanket is for general outdoor protection. The reflective silver color delivers high air-to-ground visibility, especially against snow or water backgrounds. An emergency thermal blanket helps prevent post-accident shock and is a valuable addition to your first-aid kit, camping gear and portable travel supplies. It also makes a handy window insulator for vehicles or indoor living spaces.
Grabber SPACE Brand Emergency Blanket

  • Waterproof/windproof

  • Flexible to -40 degrees F

  • Emergency thermal blanket size 56" x 84"

  • Weight 4 oz.

  • Retains over 80% of body heat

  • Folds into the size of a deck of cards

  • Reflective color for high air-to-ground visibility

  • Helps to prevent post-accident shock


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