AMP-3, LLC offers a full line of integrated medical kits, specialty preparedness supplies, amateur radio support items, books and DVD’s. We also offer preparedness classes at preparedness events.

Our Mission

Amp-3 started in 2011, with their Emergency Room inspired iFak (individual First Aid Kit) and a YouTube video! David built 10 iFaks and they flew out the door in an hour. We built another 25 iFaks and they were gone in 90 minutes, Amp-3 had begun. David is a practicing ER Physician in the Pacific Northwest. He personally chose everything we put in our first aid kits and we hand-pack each and every one. We pride ourselves knowing that every first aid kit is made in the USA.

What started us into Preparedness was two natural disasters. First, the 100 year flood in Santa Cruz, CA. We almost lost the house we were living in. Then in 1989, the Loma Prieta Earthquake hit just four miles from our home. This was our wake up call to be better prepared. Not only did we take our own preparedness serious, but we have become ambassadors for preparedness and are trying to spread the message everywhere possible. We believe with the right attitude and know how, anyone can be better prepared and self reliant. We know first hand that an inch of preparedness can take you miles.

Our company has grown over the years that's for sure. Today we are traveling the US from expo to expo, publishing more youtube videos and helping others with their critical communications plans through our HAM radio training and gear. Our mission is simple, to share what we’ve learned and help others be ready for whatever may come their way.

“Self-Reliance never goes out of style! Prepare now to be Prepared!”
— Beth Pruett-2018

What We've Achieved

  • Quality Products

  • Exceptional Customer Service

  • Made in the USA!

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Classes and Training for the Prepared Citizen