February 2017-Week Nine!

This past week while we were in Texas, we had an opportunity to visit a homestead ranch of a very good friend. Can we say PREPARED!! Wow, we were blown away by the Livestock, Garden, Poultry, Hogs and her endless food storage. This homestead has enough supplies for a family of 4 for over 2 years. 

As we move forward with Item #11 Vegetable Oil, Olive Oil, Crisco. These are everyday items that you should aways have on hand in large quantities. You need to store these items in a cool and dry place. 


Get ready to stock up now on Item #12 Charcoal, Lighter Fluid, Stick Matches and Long Lighters. The great thing with these items, Check out these 10 uses for Charcoal from This Old House: Charcoal in the Compost Pile, I would have never thought of that one. Great ideas! Share some of yours with our readers. You can never have enough of the items listed above. Stock up every month if you can. 






Water containers we talked in a earlier Blog post, so check out Week Five to refresh your memory if you haven't already purchased these items. 

Mini Propane Heaters are Item #14. We love our Heater Buddy!!! We also have what I call our Blast Furnace that we have used a lot at the ranch while we move forward with building the barn. 

We hope that this is giving you some great ideas to add to your preparedness. Next week were moving onto more items on our list of 100 Essentials.